Caught error: A non-numeric value encountered during import from Currency.php line 100

During an import on a clients instance, I got back from the CRM lots of the same error message

on line 100 from within modules/Currencies/Currency.php

the problematic method is convertToDollar which for some reason is being called somewhere despite their being no american currency information (client has GBP only) being processed from the CRM system.

returning $amount immediately solves the issue but this obviously breaks the “something to US Dollar” conversion in the CRM system

There are some points to care about.
In the DATA, what is format of Currency Fields data? For Decimal Separator and Dot Separator?
The format should be same for Admin user for the imported data and the CRM system.

For Example:
If in the CRM decimal separator is Comma “,” while in the Import Data it is Dot “.”
Then if you try to import the data into the CRM, it will generate an error.

And also make the Default Currency same as it was in the data.

This is a little help by me. I am hopeful this will be beneficial.


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