Catagory tagging contacts?

Hi all.

Wondering if SuiteCRM has contact tagging capability that I’ve missed?

If not, what sugarforge tagging module would you recommend that is compatible with SuiteCRM?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions & help.

Hi nuke,

What is it you exactly mean by “contact tagging” or “category tagging contacts”? We are not aware of any modules like this.



Hi Will.

I have used tagging in other CRM products to allow selecting groups of similar contacts for sending targeted emails, create group todos etc.

Database Companies
Analytic Software companies
Auto Parts Mfg
Plastics Mfg

I know there is an industry field somewhere in Sugar but I’ve not been able to easily change or manipulate it. Perhaps this requires writing SQL against the data tables but I’ve not had that amount of time to figure out if this even makes sense.

Part of the reason I’ve done tagging in the past is that it was available in the old CRM product. I select the contacts by their tags and export to csv files. I’ve never been able to get email to work properly in SugarCRM so I do all email in Thunderbird. To send a mail merge of emails I’ve taken the contacts exported (as identified by a tag) in csv file and then use Mail Merge on Thunderbird to set up custom emails to be sent to the contacts.

There is probably a better way to do this using SuiteCRM but I don’t know how.



I am looking for the same functionality! Did you find the solution?
I saw that vTiger has it nicely done, but it lacks event management, which is needed for us.


Hi vaasek.

No I haven’t found a solution or good work around. I’m still looking.

Perhaps if enough of us look for a solution, someone will find one or build one.

I might found it.
You can create a customfield - multiselect if you wish to have m:n relation. Add your fields.
Then you have to update views in layout and also in search, so you can view, edit, and even search by given criteria. Hope it works. I tried only on one record.

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Hello All,

I know this post is quite old, but anybody want to have tag management field type add-on. You may review it