Cases Updates Threaded

When creating a new record, Cases updates Threaded field already showing some values.
What is wrong here and How to remove this bug?

Is there anyone facing this kind of problem?

Please describe your problem a bit more!

What are the values? Show us a screen shot if possible.

Hi Sandeep,

It sounds as though you have added the Case Updates Threaded field to the edit view. This field is intended for detail view as the Updates field is used for updating cases and the Thread will show updates but cannot be edited/modified.



While Creating a new record in cases module, updates of some previous cases are displaying on ticket update thread field.

Attached is the screenshot.
Thanks for your response and hope you understand my problem…

First of all the case updates threaded field should not be displayed on editview like that. Only display it on the detail view. Are those previouse case updates linked to an actual case or a deleted case? Check in the database to see if they have a case id against them, they have somehow became linked to that case or they do not have an id at all.

I got it… Thanks for your kind help and support… And the problem is resolved.