Cases - Status vs State

I’ve managed to import users, accounts, contacts and cases from an old SugarCRM into a test copy of SuiteCRM. I like it so far, but…

Looking through imported cases, it looks like they all show “open” in “State” - what is this?

I went back and checked the import mapping - no state listed.

Checked the sample import file - state IS there but fields are blank. No help.

Checked field in Studio and this looks very similar to Status, since it has a dropdown with Open or Closed. Status imported to Status, but I had nothing in my Sugar export for “state”.

Can someone explain the difference? Or point me to a list with GOOD descriptions for SuiteCRM fields? (I’ve looked - can’t find!)

I just want to make sure I fully understand these two fields before I decide how to proceed!


Have you checked in the database with phpMYAdmin? The import/export process follows the database pretty closely, so you should be able to determine the exact name of the field, and by trying some values from the UI, see how they get saved in the database.

Of course, you could be hitting a bug and perhaps something needs to be fixed, but I’d start with the database exploration first. Tell us what you discover. Thanks

Thanks pgr!

I was wrong above.

State AND Status are both in the sample import file.

Status lists Open or Closed in the sample records. In Studio, this field is a dyanmic dropdown.

State is blank in the sample records. In Studio, this field is a dropdown with Open or Closed as options.

My statuses imported fine.

But all my cases now show “open” in the State field.

Possibly a bug (it seems like we only need one of these, not both, and the sample file doesn’t jive with Studio), but maybe these 2 fields were intended to work together somehow.

I’d like to just remove the State field but want to be sure it won’t break Status or something else.

State is open / closed

Status is New / Assigned / Pending input

Note that there might be some logic using these values, for example, here

but also in other places.

I don’t think you can drop State field, it is required to manage Cases, many things depend on whether a case is closed or not (like sending notification emails).

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It finally makes sense!