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Cases not auto creating in SuiteCRM 8


We had some trouble initially getting SuiteCRM emails running through CloudWays and eventually got that working.

Now trying to get the Cases working and nothing we are doing is pulling the Cases in. Here’s what we have.

  • Outgoing emails are set up and working.
  • Incoming emails are coming in.
  • I can create a Case from an email that came in.
  • Auto Case Creation is not working.
  • Tried the usual cultprits
    Quick Repair and Rebuild
    Repair Relationships
    Repair Non-Lowercase Fields

Any other thoughts? Thanks

If you go in Admin/Schedulers, and click on the job Check Inbound Mailboxes, do you see the Last ran successfully field containing a recent time? Is it in the correct timezone?

@pgr - thank you. It seems the cron.php file has been moved into the public/legacy/cron.php in SuiteCRM 8.
I have the Cases now creating but not sure if I am meant to be using a different Cron.php file (searched everywhere for another and documentation is not clear.

I believe the cron.php under public/legacy should be the correct one.


Thanks @pgr that worked!