Cases linked to Contacts, not Accounts

I’m looking at setting SuiteCRM up to serve a couple of Non-Profit organizations who work directly with their community as well as a number of partners. so we’re going to be using the Accounts module as appropriate (for partners and also local businesses and community groups) and the Contacts module for the members of those Accounts, as well as the community folks themselves.

Because of this, the Cases module’s requirement for a link to an Account isn’t appropriate here as we want to use Cases directly with Contacts.

So, to this end, I have a couple of questions:

1: Is it possible to remove the requirement of having an Account as a compulsory field for a Case - sure, we could use them sometimes, so it will stay there an an option, just not a requirement

2: Is it possible to instead link a Case to a Contact in the same way as the default linking of a Case to an Account. We’d make the Contact become the compulsory field instead of the Account.

3: I have been able to kinda, sorta work around this in a way I don’t want to have to keep doing by making a fake account called “zCases” and assigning the Cases to this Account, and then down in the “Contacts” Panel I can Link the required Contact to this Case. Not ideal, but as a workaround, I think this will be OK until I can address it properly.

Typically contacts without accounts have their own account with mostly the same information.
The account and the contact have the same name so it doesn’t seem like a kludge when you use it.

None at all (and I have 724 contacts, 247 accounts) appear that way.

I am looking at setting up the CRM for a Rotary club to assit their fund-raising and I have a similar use for the Cases being connected to Contacts intead of requiring Accounts.

Hopefully you find an answer.

I have to believe a lot of folks use SuiteCRM for NFPs.

I’m currently using the Cases module as is, and have made a “zzCases” Account, and have created a new Relationship in the Cases module, so that I can link Contact to the cases. Not as sexy asI’d like, but it seems to work (see point 3 in my response to my post above).

I have also created a new Module starting with the “Cases” base template, but what I cannot see how to enable is the “Insights” button and the “Case Updates” that we can see in the Cases module - that’s dead sexy stuff, and I wish the dev team had given us more documentation on the generic modules so we could do stuff like this (and change the Account requirement to Contact).