Cases From Email Feature

Hello There,
I found some points about Email and Cases functionality.

  1. When I create case from imported email that email does not link to cases. Is it bug or something else? I think that email must be link with case.
  2. Sorting feature does not proper work in listviews. I have to click two or more time to sort reocrds.


Ya, i am facing the same issue.

Then I tried to install SugarCRM CE, using the same settings and it works fine.

I found out the Scheduler is a bit different:
In SugarCRM:
Job Name: Check Inbound Mailboxes
Job: function::pollMonitoredInboxes

In SuiteCRM:
Job Name: Check Inbound Mailboxes
Job: function::pollMonitoredInboxesAOP

I also tried to rename the value as same as in SugarCRM. But still not working.

Thanks for your reply.
But I think it should be fixed in Suite up coming version.