cases: email to customer

Sorry, but I’ve much difficult to send an email to customer when users update a cases by “Case Updates Threaded”
I’ve this filed on email:
Salve $contact_first_name $contact_last_name $acase_account_name

Hai un aggiornamento al tuo caso: $acase_name (# $acase_case_number) del $aop_case_updates_date_entered:
$user_first_name $user_last_namewrote
descrizione $acase_description
stato $acase_status
stato2: $acase_state

soluzione: $acase_resolution
aggiorna testo $acase_update_text
aggiornamenti reclami ricevuti: $acase_aop_case_updates_threaded
work log $acase_work_log
suggerimenti $acase_suggestion_box

but works only
$aop_case_updates_description–>say always “updates”
$acase_description–>the original description of case

Can you help me with the correct fields to send a correct email to customer with the text of “updates text” box?
Thank you so much