Cases cant save update text

when updating text in update logs it didnt save.

You’re probably coming from an earlier version of SuiteCRM (before 7.5) and you have some customizations in the custom folder.

Check this out

you need to read that carefully, even though it’s long, to understand what’s going on. You can start with the posts from 8 Nov onwards.

I suspect that the panel for the Cases Update is possibly incorrect? Have you renamed or recreated that panel? The functionality for the update case thread is dependant on the panel name being ‘LBL_AOP_CASE_UPDATES’

Is that the correct PR you think is related to this issue?

No… the correct Issue is this one:

Sorry and thanks for pointing it out. Too many tabs open in my browser, and even more “tabs” open in my confused little mind, things can get mixed up : - )