Cases are creating based on incoming mail but too late

HI every one ,

I have succed 90% case creation automatically based on incoming mail with your support .
Here I have configured inbound and outbound mails ,next based on incoming mail cases are creating automatically that is also done .

But problem is ,for testing I dropped one mail from my mail id into CRM mail id as incoming mail ,so that mail coming into CRM inbox within 30 sec or less then 1 min
so that is fine but it comes to auto case creation taking so much time like 30 min or more then ,
why that much time ?

what I have to do to reduce the auto case creation, if any incoming mail comes into CRM inbox within 1 min auto case should create ,for this what I have to do .

could any one help on it please ?

Note: I set cronetab also that is running every 1 min


@all could any one help on it please ?

@all could any one help on it please , I have been struggling for last few days ,why cases are creating too late automatically .

Just help on it please ?


What is your value for the scheduler “check inbound mailboxes”?

@pstevens thank you so much for your response ,
I am adding the screenshot of that and time intervel is 1 min .and all email are coming with in 1 min only into crm mail box but creating the ticket is getting so much time more then 30 or 40 min it is taking (Auto case creation based on incoming mail ).

Kindly check and plz help on it .


I’m not really sure what’s causing your problem. I just did an experiment with my installation:
Message sent 9:51 am
Message Rec’d 9:52 am
Message converted to case 9:55 am

How often is your cron job scheduled to run? It you also have it at one minute then, you might want to contact your host. I’m thinking this is dependent upon the cron job interval as well as the timing set in the scheduler. You may have yours set to 1 minute but your host may throttle it to every 30 minutes. Check with your host that it’s not throttled. I know some hosting providers do not allow cron jobs to run every minute.

Try turning on “log slow queries” in Admin / System settings

and then check your logs after a day or so.

This might be just a case of a very slow system, too many email records, for example. The first query in this post might also give you some insights:

I am very thanks to you @pstevens ,

I have set my cron job each and every one min and I have checked in my scheduler also all are running each and every one min,

I have one question when I done my first inbound mail intergration and enabled autocase creation it was creating auto case with in 5 min when I got incoming mail that time in my inbound mail box only few of them,

After some days those are became 1k mails in my mailbox , so may be becuase of that auto cases are creating soo late like 30 min ,am i currrect ?


I don’t think so. I have thousands of emails in my inbox. You should check with your hosting provider. It sounds like they throttled your cron jobs. You may have it set at 1 minute but they only allow it to run every 30. Many shared hosting environments do this to not allow a single user to eat up all the server resources.

@pstevens thanks ,

I will do that one .


check in your scheduler job log how often it’s actually running. If you confirm it is running every minute, Then the next step would be to check your error logs and see if it’s hanging for some reason.

@pstevens thanks for your all inputs ,

This is my scheduler job I think it is working fine .


Hmm then the only other thing I can think of is check your error logs and also sometimes I turn on full logging for cron jobs and have it email me the job script. That way I can see if there are issues.

Hey @muralasandeep123 I just had an issue with something entirely unrelated (a plugin that syncs contacts between SuiteCRM and Mautic). All the syncs were happening much later instead of when they were available. Then I noticed they were all exactly 5 hours late. So what happened was the server time was set to Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) and both SuiteCRM and Mautic run on UTC -0 in the database. Changed the server to UTC-0 and it fixed the problem. I immediately thought of your problem with cases. Might be a long shot, but check your server time is set to UTC-0.