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Our cases module has almost 1 million cases and we want to know if there is any option to move them to an archive? maybe there is any other option or idea that we can use to make order in the module?

There is any plugin maybe that can move the cases to the archive automatically?


If you use the State Dropdown to flag Cases as Closed, then it would be better to Export ALL closed state Cases which are Older than 6 months (or whatever is suitable for you). Once Exported, you can remove them from CRM, remember If you delete the Records, initially SuiteCRM will Soft delete them, i.e. Just flagging the records to be Deleted and they would actually be removed from DB once Purne Database scheduler Cron Job runs on the system.

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First of all thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:

The idea of what we want to do is we can pass automatically cases to the archive (by definition we decide).
But we want also have the option of returning them from the archive with the click of a button.


Remember that this involves a bunch of relationships, not just Case records themselves. It probably also involves documents and attachments.

If your database can handle it with enough hardware, and with careful DBA tweaking (indices are critical to performance) then just leave them there. You can have a special scheme to mark them as “archived” (just a custom field holding that) and exclude them from normal searches. Then somewhere in the program you could provide a way to search “deeper” including all archived cases.

If your database can’t handle it from a single table, then maybe you can have a second cloned table (same structure) holding the archived records. This is not a suiteCRM module, just something handled directly at database level. If you keep the same ids, then when moving some cases back into the main table, your old relationships would still be there.

But beware of when your relationship tables also start getting too big…

The first query in this post is useful to get an idea about your database sizes and index performance:

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