Cases and distibuted team

Hi All.

After months of using SuiteCRM and employing someone to look into the Cases module for us, we still do not have this finalised.

We are a distributed team and each have our own email addresses but, we want our clients to use so that all help requests comes through the CRM.

If they happen to email one of the team, it too should create a Case and we will reply from so that the client gets used to using help@ email.

In an ideal situation, everyone would log into the CRM and email from there but the CRM is terrible when it comes to things like handling spam that Gsuite or Outlook manages much better.

I would very much appreciate some insight into how best to handle this so that Suite becomes more professional.

Many thanks

Made some headway with this. So one of the problems we’re having is that we are using Outlook to receive the help@ email and replying from that too.

We can move into the CRM completely to maintain help@ Cases but what do we do about everyone else’s old emails? Do their emails become aliases to the help@ email which currently is a POP account of its own so that we can deal with non Case related issues?

Not 100% sure yet how this is meant to work.


@help should be a group email setup specifically for automatic import of cases. Users should automatically be using said email when replying to cases (from within case module). Is this not the case currently?

@Mac-Rae thanks for coming back to me.
Initially it was just me running the business and using my personal email address.
Later I employed two more people and we set up a grow@ email (still no CRM implementation) to which the clients would email.

That grow@ email also has a lot of Newsletters that Gmail thankfully sorts out into other folders.

When we brought the grow@ email into the CRM, all of a sudden a million Cases were being created, hence the reason for the help@ email we then moved to.

We have this almost working now, but now we’re in the process of training the clients to use the help@ email.

When you say a group mail, I am assuming you mean the help@ email that then sends to john@ and mary@ and when they get those emails, into their Gmails, they need to jump into the CRM and reply from the help@ email?

Is that correct?

What now happens with the clients that still insist on emailing mary@? Do we forward those emails to help@ in order to create the case?

Still a little confused as to how best the manage this transition.

Thanks again.

@Mac-Rae - quick ping. Thanks

Any thoughts on this?
Do I create one email account called help@ and then create aliases of that account?

Sorry for the lack of attention on this thread! A group email refers to the email accounts connected to the CRM in the inbound email settings menu that can be accessed by more than one user.

In regards to the training yes, get the clients to use the new mail and if the individual users get a direct mail then forward the message to the case creation email and make sure to make the client aware of the change so they don’t do it again (Hopefully :crossed_fingers:)

Make sure that when replying to cases it’s done via the case module in SuiteCRM as this uses the generic email and ensure the case tracking is consistent. (Also discourages people directly emailing your staff)

Does any of that help clear stuff up?

Thank you @Mac-Rae, it is starting to make sense.

What you are saying is that despite the Users all having their emails listed in Admin > User Management > User, I still need to create the same email in Admin > Inbound Email > New Group Mail Account for each user who will be using Cases?

So in the attached above, I should also see john@ and mary@ ?

Sorry, but I don’t think that would help you.

You should not have to worry about john@ and mary@ as there emails won’t affect the case system.

If you click on the help@ email and inspect the settings you should see that create a case from email is selected (If not I would suggest making that the case)

Then going to the case module you will see that all emails that land in that inbox are created as cases, if the user’s john@ or mary@ are answering cases they should do this via the case module, using the update text field as this will send responses from the help@ email instead of there own.

If john@ or mary@ receive a “support case” that a client has sent directly instead of to the help@ email they should be safe to just forward the email to the help@ email and it will be processed as a new case.

Hopefully, that clears it up a bit, if not let me know :+1: