Cases and Contacts

Hi! If someone has time could you please help me. In cases module I have added a new required field relating to contacts and it works well. I need it to show contact in case list view. However, since cases and contacts have many to many relation, when I go to contacts it does not show cases associated with that contact when contact is entered into this new field in cases.
This means that I would have to enter contact twice in my cases. Once in the required filed I created and once in the subpanel to relate case to contact. Is there a way to make entering contact into my field in the case module relate the case to that contact without entering into subpanel or to automatically copy thing I entered in my field to subpanel.

Entering account into required field in the case module, automatically makes case show when viewing account, but I guess this has to do with one to many relation between the two.

I hope you can understand what I am asking :wink:

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Hi there,

Your solution doesn’t sound optimal, as you would only ever be able to show 1 contact by standard. You could make code customisations via logic_hook or similar to grab all contacts and display them on a custom list view item.




I have exactly requirement as topic starter.
Created custom relate field for Contacts as required field. It works fine, however I need the custom contact selected to be appear automatically as well on subpanel.

Anyone have solution? Thank you

This is exactly what I’m looking for, anyone have any thoughts? We base Cases on Contacts, not Accounts, most contacts are under a few top level general Accounts. We have a custom field in a Case to select an existing Contact, but want a subpanel in the Contact now that shows the related Cases.