Case Updates Threaded functionality is not working

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Cases Update threaded functionality is not working.It is not sending the mails.

Can anyone help me on this,

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We’ll need a little more information here;

Do you have your Emails set up for SuiteCRM? Could you provide a screenshot of your “Outgoing Mail Configuration” settings? You can find this by going to Admin > Email Settings
Do you receive E-mails from other functionality of the CRM, such as Workflows?
What version of SuiteCRM are you running?


I am having an issue with the case update threaded section of the cases. I have added this to the cases detail view. Whenever i try to put any information in there and save it, whether it be an internal note or not, it just sits there saying Performing Task - One Moment Please.

I know the outbound email is working, as I have a workflow set up to alert me when an urgent case comes in. Is there any other settings that need to be tweaked?

Thank you.

I have just double checked my emails, and it sends an case update email, but the update text field just says ‘undefined’.


Did you manage to fix this issue?

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We are also seeing that text added to “Update Text” when editing Cases is not saved at all.

Reproduce by editing a Case. Type a text in the “Update Text” area. Click save. Observe that the “Update Text” is not saved.

This is using:

Version 7.7.4
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

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I see the table is properly being updated with new texts when clicking save:


But the updated text is not showing in the Case in the display or edit layout.

I had made customizations through Studio to this module while running a previous 7.* version of SuiteCRM where the Cases module may not have yet been very stable.

When the updates and fixes for the Cases module were delivered in later versions, we did not benefit from these updates because of our customizations.

What resolved the issue is: I deleted my customization files in custom/modules/Cases/metadata/, namely detailviewdefs.php, editviewdefs.php, and listviewdefs.php

Now the Updates Cases Threaded is working.

I’ll refrain from making customizations until this module is a little more mature and stable.

Thank you for the great work!

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For the people here whose problem was with Case Updates threaded not saving , check this issue:

But this has nothing to do with emails not sending.

For the people here whose problem was with Case Updates threaded ‘undefined’, check this issue: