Case Updates thread completely broken after module reset

I have been able to reproduce this on a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.4.and 7.4.1.

Originally (after the fresh install) the Case Updates thread feature would be visible and allow you to submit a comment, but clicking ‘Submit’ would pop up a dialogue box that you’re forced to dismiss manually, and the thread would be updated with “undefined”.

Since I was having so many issues with this module, I went ahead and did a reset of the module through the Studio, but unfortunately that seems to have made everything worse. Now the threaded updates box is missing entirely from the module, replaced with LBL_AOP_CASE_UPDATES.

I have set permissions on all the files in SuiteCRM directory, did repair/rebuild, and set permissions again. I set the logs to show errors, and nothing shows up. I’ve also disabled AJAX and inline editing for the cases module. I don’t know what is causing this feature to break. Any help would be appreciated!

Did you ever figure out how to resolve this? I have the same issue. It seems that resetting the module removes the AOP fields.