Case update equals Any Change

Hi all,

I am trying to create a workflow where if the status of a case is changed to any value, the system sends an e-mail do a specific e-mail

if I use Equals to (Assigned, Opened, Closed, etc) the workflow works fine, however if i use the option (Any Change) the trigger is not fired at all.

I am using other workflows and the other are okay.

I have attached the print shot of what I am trying to make work.

Thank you

Best practice is to check the ‘Repeated Runs’ check box option in conjunction with Any Change.



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I’ve done what you mentioned and thank you in advance!

If I use Equals to (Assigned for example it works)

Any Change + 'Repeated Runs" did not!

is there something else I can change or check ?

Its started working now! Thank you will! I had forgotten to activate the item… my apologies for this basic mistake!