Case Time is not showing on workflow

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I can’t seem to display the time on a case email workflow. Here’s what I am attempting.
When a case is created and set to a certain State and Status , i.e. Open/New, I want an email to be sent out with the case info, including Date and Time created, modified as well as the user who either created the case or modified it. So far I’ve only been able to add the fields below but can’t find for the life of me the field for ‘Time’ in the workflow module. Can someone help me?





I thought I’d add a bit more info. The image shows a DetailView of a case with Date, Time and Created by. When I create a workflow, there’s no option to add the time the case was created so that it will display in the case notification email. Does anyone know how to make it show the time?

I tried $case_time and $case_time_entered but they did not work.

The field $acase_date_entered has a data type Datetime, so it contains the Day/Month/Year/Hour/Min/Sec when the case was created. In other words, that field should give you both the date and time you are seeking.


Thank you for replying and you are correct. It should have all of it in the workflow but it doesn’t. Have you tried creating a basic workflow with jut the string $case_date_entered in the email body? When I do this, the email only displays the date Day/Month/Year. As a matter of fact it doesn’t matter which module I do this for, the workflow will not show the time unless I specifically use the datetime string. The worst part about is that the datetime string only allows increments of the time instead of actual time which is bad for SLA monitoring.


Same result here. Looking in some of the code, it looks like the view controller runs custom code to display both the date and time rather than just the date. The date and time for the case are both stored in the db together, but in UTC time. So any time you need to display the date and time, suitecrm has to apply your time zone to get the right values.

If you look at the available fields that can be inserted in an email from the Tasks module, you will see a due date and a due time. If you look at the vardefs for Tasks, and the due time is listed as a variable, but it is not stored in the database. Instead, it is extracted from the due date field and then formatted for display.

I am still learning my way around and could not begin to implement a solution, but I think that a similar approach could be applied to Cases to include a time variable in the same way that the tasks module does it. Maybe someone more familiar with the code can help you implement this.

vardefs? I am only a copy and paste person when it comes to code. I hope someone hear can fix this. This should be classified as a bug right?

Did you ever get a chance to work on this?