CASE Email notifications don't translate, no matter how..

Hi everyone.
I have an issue with my Suite CRM install, Version 7.8.2 - Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509).

  • Italian language has been imported correctly and all other strings are translated.

  • Email configuration is working. Notifications are enabled and working.

  • I have my fully translated files in Include / language:
    – en_us.notify_template.html
    – it_IT.notify_template.html

Same thing in Custom / include / language:
– en_us.notify_template.html
– it_IT.notify_template.html
But here I also filled the english file with Italian translation.

None of those translations overrides the Cases notifications.
So when a customer open a Case, he still receives the automatic Email notifications (case opened etc) in English.

Administrator options for Email notifications are too general and there are no paths to adjust here.

My first post has no answers after a month… hope somebody can help here.
Thank you if you could take the time.

This is the logic that loads the file

You might want to add near the beginning of that function an extra logging line:

 $GLOBALS['log']->fatal("Trying to load file for the selected language at custom/include/language/{$language}.notify_template.html");

and see what it outputs to the logs.

Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much pgr!