Case e-mails not being sent

This was working fine last night, but apparently something has gone south between then and now.

Right now a new case gets created correctly from an incoming e-mail. However there is no outgoing reply.

My incoming e-mail advanced settings:

[quote]1. Import Emails Automatically: Yes

  1. Create Case from Email: Yes
  2. Distribution Method:: Single User
  3. New Case Auto-Reply Template: Case Creation
  4. Auto-Reply Template:None

My From e-mail address matches the system general outgoing email settings, so everything looks like it should work. Any tips on what could be the culprit?

Another thing that is strange to me - when I open up an auto-created Case, under History there is only that one incoming e-mail. If there was an issue with outgoing e-mails I imagine the emails would still get created and attached to the history, only marked as not sent? Not sure about that one, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

I have run Quick Repair and Rebuild - no change.

Also, direct e-mailing as any of the users works fine. :unsure:

Another interesting thing I noticed. Although I have set the Distribution Method: above to Single User, some of the cases get assigned to the Admin user. Could this be some sort of a conflict between SuiteCRM and AOP

You have no auto-reply template set, so no email will be sent out when a case email is received. You need to ensure a template is set in either Admin -> Inbound Email or Admin -> AOP Settings.



Thanks for your reply, Will

Actually I do have an auto-reply template set under AOP settings. And I can now add another piece to the puzzle - the e-mails only get sent if there is an existing contact with a matching email address in the system. This seems to be a prerequisite for the case e-mails getting sent correctly.

I’m now looking into the AO Workflow to see if it would be possible to let it create contacts from case e-mails automatically. Unfortunately I’m not seeing e-mail fields in neither the Case nor Contact Module fields when putting together a Workflow rule.

Hi rait,

Please create a separate topic for your AOW issues.