Case Creation not working out of the box

Version 7.10.24 (latest LTS version)
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)


We had a problem where Cases are not being created with a clean install of a new CRM. I have since had someone help me with the problem but we are still running into problems with the Cases.

We created a new CRM instance, set everything up from scratch and now trying to create Cases.

The Cases are being created but when the automated replies come back like this…

Hi $contact_first_name $contact_last_name,

We’ve received your case $acase_name (# $acase_case_number) on $acase_date_entered

Status $acase_status
Reference $acase_case_number
Description $acase_description

This happens whether a user is a contact in the DB or not. What is differtent about existing users in the DB is that they will receive the above email but then the proper one will come through a little later, completed with First Name, Last Name, Case number etc.

We have done the following

1: Setup CRON Job to fetch Emails
2: Setup Group Email Account
3: Enabled AOP
4: Enabled Case Creation Feature with auto reply email

Issue: Sometimes cases are created with Emails and sometimes only EMAIL is fetched without any case creation although we have account+Contact entry there in the CRM for that incoming email by the email address

Anyone have some thoughts on this?

Many thanks

A quick nudge, any stabs at this one?

@pgr - could you possibly shed some light on this one if you have information please?

Hi there,

Could you run the usual for me;
Quick Repair and Rebuild
Repair Relationships

And then this one;
Repair Non-Lowercase Fields

Testing on my end I’m unable to replicate these issues. Could you confirm if you used the default scheduler or like you said created your own one?

As per my knowledge. We can not include VARIABLES into Case Auto reply template. I checked the code for


and there i can see that CRM is getting Auto Reply template ID from line no 3586

$createCaseTemplateId = $this->get_stored_options('create_case_email_template', "");

and then fetching the template and then including its DESCRIPTION into Email directly without any VARIABLES parsing at line 3663

    if (!$et->text_only) {
    $reply->description_html = $et->body_html . "<div><hr /></div>" . $email->description;
$GLOBALS['log']->debug('saving and sending auto-reply email');

Am i right?

The solution can be

1: Create/Use an Auto Reply Template without any Variables (as in its SUBJECT line CRM is automatically adding the CASE number while sending the email)

2: Set appropriate Case Creation Email Template from

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Looking forward.

95% sure that’s not true however thank you for the investigation efforts. I have been able to get this issue working find on my system :+1:

ok, Please check the code or Try to Add some template with variables into CASE Auto Reply settings into “inbound Emails” settings…
Just Test it once

Another idea for @Grow: check if you have any logic hook or email that could be saving the case a second time - the part about your report that catches my eye is this:

Why two emails? I guess one of them - the one where variable substitution fails - is not even supposed to be happening…

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The Point is, He is using both “Case Create Email Template” in case Auto Reply settings and Case Creation settings…
So, in Auto reply, no Variables are parsed so he receives un-parsed template.
And 2nd email is for case creation, then is generated later and it keeps the variable values.

Are you getting my point what i am saying??? @pgr & @Mac-Rae

Sure @suitecrm_developer but my test system currently has that setup also without the same effect as the user,

@Grow Like @suitecrm_developer suggested changing the settings here

and set User email Template to None