Case Creation from EMail issue

I have a problem on Case Creation from Inbound Email
I followed these steps:

  • Setup CRON Job to fetch Emails
  • Setup Group Email Account
  • Enable AOP
  • Enable Case Creation Feature

On EMail module I can see all incoming EMails, but Case Creation doesn’t work.

From logs there seems to be no errors.

My current version is 7.11.18

Can you please help me to resolve ?
Many Thanks

I have the same issue, but the CRM worked well until Jan 15 2021. Now Joomla is able to create cases but from email the CRM receive the email but the case is not open. My version is 7.11.10

is there any idea abut this issue?
The cron job is working, the c AOP configuration is done.


Same issue here - I do receive emails to “Email” module but I don’t see cases created from the emails. Can you please assist?