Case creation email

The case creation email is not populating the fields that I specify in the body of the email. But it is populating the fields in the subject. Any suggestions on how to get this working?

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Do you have a screen shot/file to attach of the template being utilised?



Here is a PDF of the email sent by the system

Here is the code that is in the database.

‘$acase_name [CASE:$acase_case_number]’

'Hi $contact_first_name $contact_last_name,

				   We''ve received your case $acase_name (# $acase_case_number) on $acase_date_entered
				   Status:		$acase_status
				   Reference:	$acase_case_number
				   Description:	$acase_description'

Any update on this issue?


one of our customers is also suffering from this issue. It would be great if someone posted a solution to this inconvenience - it makes the whole “Case creation autoreply” system completely unusable.

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Gabriel Shanahan, SugarFactory s.r.o.

This topic is old but I get the exact same problem, and the contact is not created on the crm, only the case

I have searched the internet and your forums about this issue. A lot of people are reporting it but no one has stated a resolution, that I can find. Is it possible for you guys to comment on this issue please? Thank you ahead of time.