Case created email from email address

Hi, I have set SuiteCRM 8 to create a case for all emails sent to When this happens, the sender gets an automated reply email: “We’ve received your case…” etc.

How do I change the automated reply email address from the system email,, to my support email,

If this is not possible, I can set an autoresponder up on the email using my hosting control panel, so all emails sent to it get an automated reply saying, “Thank you for your email…” but I can’t turn off the default SuiteCRM case creation email. I can select a new email template under INBOUND EMAIL ACCOUNTS > settings >
AUTO REPLY EMAIL TEMPLATE: and CASE EMAIL TEMPLATE: but if I leave them blank, the sender still gets the email below when a case is created.

========== Please reply above this line ==========
Hi Name,
We’ve received your case Test ticket 3 (# 9) on 13/12/2023 18:45
Status New
Reference 9
Description Test ticket 3

For anyone with the same issue, it’s under /#/administration/AOPAdmin in SuiteCRM 8

I don’t know if it is useful in your case. But, maybe you could create a workflow for it.

Thank you. I found the setting, but that did not solve the issue. Unfortunately, because you can only have one case reply email, all emails would have to come from support@ when I also need billing@. I also wanted to use the cases for different brands. Instead, I’m going to use for support communication. It has a lot more features.