Case AOP emails to work with non contacts

It would be AWESOME to have an option in AOP to allow case email to go back and forth for cases that get created and do not have an existing contact in the system.

Currently, if the email that created the case has a contact associated with it, the case system is glorious. You can email updates by simply saving the update, save internal notes, etc.

If the email that created the case is not associated with a contact, then you have to go through a few more clicks to send an email. Imagine a company with large volume of emails. Whether the email is associated with an existing client or not, it would be wonderous to handle the large amount of email via cases. This way communication is quick to the person asking a question.

My feature request would be a check box or drop down asking if AOP will work with non contacts.

Then any email coming in can be handled the same way it would with an existing contact. Automatic response with ticket number, quick reply and threaded replies.

This would be a great feature, or heck, obviously if the teams had time, integration with OSticket. An already existing opensource solution for tickets. That would bring suitecrm closer to a robust enterprise solution for business.

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