Case Activity Feed not working properlly when closing a case.

Hi SuiteCRM developers:

I used to be using SugarCRM Community Edition with AOS pluggin installed.
After I installed SuiteCRM, I want to see the differences between it and the SugarCRM I had.

One thing I noticed is that in SuiteCRM, status field is a dynamic dropdown depending on state rather than a regular dropdown. However, the CaseFeed.php still treat the status field as a regular dropdown. Therefore when you close a case, the if statement will never be satisfied and the activity feed is not pushed. I modified the CaseFeed.php and replaced if statement as below:


if(!empty($bean->fetched_row[‘status’] ) && $bean->fetched_row[‘status’] != $bean->status && $bean->status==‘Closed’){



if(!empty($bean->fetched_row[‘status’] ) && $bean->fetched_row[‘status’] != $bean->status && strpos($bean->status, ‘Closed’) !== false){


Activity Stream works normally after the revision. But this is not upgrade safe and I am hoping that you guys can incorporate the change into your newer version in future.


Hi there,

Thanks for highlighting this issue.