CAS Integration


I m using 7.7.8 version of suitecrm. When i try to do CAS integration like below, it does not work. How can solve this issue?

We will need to download the phpCAS libraries to your web server.


  1. Place the files into modules/Users/authentication/CASAuthenticate directory.

    git clone git:// modules/Users/authentication/CASAuthenticate

  2. Edit the config.php file

    Add a key for authenticationClass that is set to CASAuthenticate.

  'authenticationClass' => 'CASAuthenticate',

Add a ‘cas’ key to the $sugar_config array that is an array holding the values for
your CAS server.

  'cas' => array(
    'library' => '/path/to/CAS/CAS.php',
    'hostname' => '',
    'port' => 443,
    'uri' => 'cas',
    'changeSessionID' => FALSE,
    'proxies' => array(

I solved my problem.
In config_override.php, there is an default parameter

$sugar_config['authenticationClass']['CASAuthenticate'] = '';

. When i delete it my configuration working good.

But there is an another problem. After integrate CAS, my contact form does not work in my web site. I use wsdl to write parameters to Leads module. Before CAS, everything is working perfect. But after CAS, it does not work.

Error is ; [FATAL] SECURITY: The session ID is invalid

Anybody help me?

When you use CAS authentication and sending data with web service, you should add this parameter to /soap/SoapSugarUsers.php


$authController = new AuthenticationController();


$authController = new AuthenticationController('SugarAuthenticate');

can you share the step to integrate CAS in suitecrm version 8.2 ?
How can I add the code in config.php?

My config file Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank You

Look at config_override.php, this setting couldn’t be there and look at library path
‘authenticationClass’ => ‘CASAuthenticate’

I have added the code in the config.php but now there is no option with login CAS on suiteCRM login page.
Please check screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

Thank You @dtosun

HI @anup1592 @dtosun, I’m wondering if this CasAtuhenticate plugin should works with suite v8.x

For example LDAP support was not working with suite8. The core developers added LDAP and SAML authentication support with suite8.2

I believe that the CAS authentication plugin should be re-writed to work with suite8 like LDAP plugin.

Is this right @clemente.raposo ?