Caret sign (^) for few data in the column


v7.13 | PHP7.4 | mySQL DB

I have drop down called ‘NAMES’ for a module. I have name1, name2, name3 and name 4 in the dropdown to select. When users are selecting name1 or name3. It is getting stored in the DB like ^name1^ and ^name3^.

I checked dropdown list and en_us.lang.php file and they look good. I don’t have any caret(^) sign around for name1 and name3 in the code. I don’t know, how it is getting added while storing to the database. :melting_face:

Please guide me!
Thank you in an advance.

I believe that is just an internal representation to allow lists of values, for multi-select dropdowns (so you can store more than one value, e.g. ^name1^name4^).

It shouldn’t be a problem - the system puts it there when writing, and interprets it (removes carets) when reading back the information.

Are you getting any specific problem in the UI?

Yeah, I was getting a two different columns in the report. I just need to update database now. So, it will resolve that issue. Thank you pgr!