Capturing Project Duration in E-Mail Template


When a project is marked as complete, it gives you a nice summary of the project including the “Project Duration” in this format - “Duration: 1 Months, 28 Days”.

I was wondering if there is a way to include this “duration” field in email templates? I cant find it under projects however. I do notice there are dutation fields for project tasks module, but not for the “projects” module.


The duration is displayed from the sum of all project tasks, is not stored anywhere AFAIK. You can create a logic_hook that write this value in a custom field in your projects module

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I actually dont have any tasks on my project. The duration shown in project summary once its marked as complete seems to the differece between the start date and the estimated completion date (I am using this as “actual completion date” in our system).

I am guessing Logic hook is the only option here?


yes, a logic_hook would do the job

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Thanks a ton.