Capturing Lead Source - a Discussion


This is a “best practice” question.

At the moment I have my Lead Source’s set to the Standard “Web, Trade Show, Conference etc.”

I believe though that it would be better to also be able to capture the specific Trade Show or Conference so that over time we can start to evaluate which Trade Shows & Conferences etc. generate the best leads.

Campaign works well for all EDM’s etc. but is there some similar way we can capture the specific Trade Show the lead came from?

How does everyone else handle capturing the specific event the lead came from?

Where do you have this information, to start with? I mean, how do the Leads enter the system?

Do you ask potential customers to go and fill an online form? Do you (or your colleagues) get the information manually and enter it yourself into the CRM?

We meet people during an event and collect business cards at the end of an event we all take responsibility for entering our cards collected.

In that case I would just have an extra field to record the specific trade show.

Or if you think it’s better to use a separate module with relatinships, you can treat the trade show as a non-email based Campaign, and link people there as Targets.

You can also look into the Events module - each trade show would be an event, and you could add the new Leads as delegates.

Normally the way to decide which is best will depend on what you need to do with the data afterwards…

Thanks for that, I think that your idea of Non-Email Based Campaign is the simplest solution, all I need to do is in Drop Down Editor add “Event” as an option, and I will then be able to see what I want .