Can't view accounts, opportunities of group members. Or did I set groups wrong?

I created a security group named boss. I assigned it to the user boss1. boss security group has 3 users, boss 1, staff1 and staff2.

Role for boss is supervisor, which as access to view accounts, quotes, opportunities of group.

In employee information of staff1 and staff2, they report to boss1.

I don’t get to see opportunities of staff1 and staff2. What could be the problem?

I know this is Security suite, but Created groups under security suite, still the same problem. Can anyone share more detail?

Did you remember to assign records to security groups?

Sometimes people just assign users to groups, but forget to assign the records themselves (in this case, the Opps)

YOu mean opps must be assigned to security groups? What about the quotations under those Opps? How about Accounts and Contacts? All?

Is there a way for team members to have all created Opps, Accounts, Contacts, Quotes to automatically be under same group so as not to assign individually?

This “group” is also the one pertained in Roles access, correct? So in Roles Quotation is allowed for groups, all group members will be able to see it?

Yes, records need to be assigned. You can do Mass Assign from the bottom of the list views.

And yes, then you really need to make sure these things happen automatically, to avoid complicating things for users (and worse, to avoid security breaches when some record gets too exposed in a way you don’t want).

Most of these things will happen automatically, when creating a record from within another, it should inherit the security groups. But you might need to tweak the options in Admin / Security Suite.

Sometimes for some peculiar requirements, you will also need some extra custom work (workflows, logic hooks, or other customizations).

Thanks, but my mass update doesn’t work. I get to pick all the records using the tick box, but mass update, export, merge, doesn’t do anything. No pop-up or anything. Using 8.3.0


The pink notice you see in the picture above don’t always show up. I have to reload, and sometimes, it shows up. Here’s another notice:


When I just select 2 records, I’m showed this when I select Mass Update. Though nowhere to assign security group.

That part about the Mass update not working (or working just for 5 records, which is really not enough) looks like a bug. Maybe you can check Github to see if it’s reported there, and if not, then open a new issue.

Noted. Though how do I mass assign them to a security group? I don’t see any option on Mass Update.

You can have a look in the SuiteCRM v7 demo to see where it should appear, in the Opps list view, using Mass Update, at the very bottom.

But it’s not showing in v8…

You can try doing it from the database directly, just be extra careful. It’s table securitygroups_records if I’m not mistaken.

Sounds scary :smiley: Thanks @pgr