can't use already created fields - not in the list - please help


General goal is to have possibility of linking task with two or more modules. I need it to have possibility to see this task in any related module - for example? when i open project - i see it there, at the same time it is possible to see it in accounts.

I tried to use new “relate” field - but, for some reasons, it seems like just a one-way relations (I connected it to project, bu when I look in this project - no connection with this task in a list)

I tried to “clone” parent type field, but after cloning it is not appearing in a list of fields, so, I cant insert it to layout form… :frowning: at the same time it appeared in the list of “change names”. pdf with screenshots in attach

please advice how I can achieve my main goal and why cloned field not appearing in the list of fields.

Great thanks in advance!

Rather than using a relate field what you want to do is go into studio click on the module name and go into relationships and created a new custom relationship between task and another module.

One-to-One - Both modules’ records will contain relate fields.

One-to-Many - The Primary Module’s record will contain a subpanel, and the Related Module’s record will contain a relate field.

Many-to-Many - Both modules’ records will display subpanels.

Thanks for help, but it is too complicated in terms of timespending and explaining to users, due to a number of operations, the only way is to link records from EDIT view in task :frowning: If I will need to create task, then link it thrue subpanel - it will eat to many time.

Maybe you know why cloned fields not appearing in the list of fields?