Cant Upload new modules missing zip directory

Hi there, I have a fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.11.18 and I have an issue where i cant upload modules. It says the file doesn’t have a manafest.php but that’s incorrect.

So I’ve done some digging and found out that it was reporting this when [fatal]specified directory for zip file extraction does not exist.

I have gone thru and adjusted all permissions per the install guide, Ownership is set to the process worker for apache and I’ve done quick rebuild as well as complete fresh installs by deleting the config.php.

i found something earlier today but i cant re-find it that suggested maybe there is a missing temp folder in the uploads area?

Any suggestions would be great


Well if anyone is using VestaCP for hosting the issue can be resolved by deleting the BaseDir and TMP config lines out of your virtual hosts file for current sites and editing your template for new sites.