Can't uninstall customization's

On one of my demo boxes, when updating customization’s I have typically uninstalled any previous customization and then uploaded the latest and installed them. Before the holidays I uploaded and installed customization’s for Accounts, Cases, Meetings and one or two more. Now when I look at the Module Loader I can’t uninstall or disable the customization’s anymore.

As an example, the Account Module shows a version of 1671820618, the Date installed shows 12/02/2022 14:58 and the description shows “Customization’s as of Dec 23, 2022 12:36”
I see this data is in the upgrade_history table.

Does anyone know a way to fix this (i.e. uninstall the customization’s). I realize I could just delete the folder in the custom/modules for the modules I want to remove. Does removing the record in the upgrade_history table remove the listing in the Module Loader listing.

Any suggestions welcomed.


Do you see any traces of your installations under upload/upgrades?

This will depend on the method you used to install them, which was it?

In uploads/upgrades/module there are two entrees for each module. A folder named module-restore and a file named module-manifest.php for each module installed.

You can delete those things if you don’t need them, but what I think you might want to do is examine them to understand what the installation did (manifest) and consider if you want to copy back any original versions of files (restore folders), especially core files, as a way of manually uninstalling.

Doing a bit more investigating paying closer attention. I realized that I was missing the zip files in the upload/upgrade/module folder. In addition, I the field md5sum in the upgrades_history table is NULL for each of the missing zip files.

I copied the missing files over to the upload/upgrades/module folder and refreshed the Module Loader page. The UNINSTALL and DISABLE buttons now appear. The same files now show in the bottom upload files section.

I then ran the command “md5sum” on each file and updated the md5sum in the upgrade_history table for each file. The files no longer show up in the uploaded section.

Digging into the code a bit, I am sure that I created this problem myself. When installing a module, the module file is unzipped and placed in a temp folder. Then a check to see if the module has already been installed. If so, it unlinks the filename and then installs the module using the files from the temp folder. It updates the md5sum. I have not found a reason why the md5sum is empty but i do see where the filename is unlinked.

Still trying to figure out if its better to uninstall and then reinstall a module verses just uploading and installing an upgraded version. This was the first time I just uploaded a new copy of the module without uninstalling the previous version.


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