Can't Sort by Email in contact List view

I have email as a field in contact list view. The up/down arrows for sort are not beside email . Can I sort the contact list view by email address?

Also if I use Global search with an email address it is not found.

Is there something “special” about the email field that doesn’t allow search or sorting?

I can search for an email address in the Contact Advanced Filter. Just though global search would require less clicks and opening of extra windows.


Which version are you using?

Search by email works fine for me, just tested it again on the latest 7.10.25

Also, which kind of Search are you using? Basic, Advanced or Elastic?

I can search for email in the “Any Email” field of the advanced search. Works fine. When I use the Global search I don’t find the email.

In Admin Search Settings - it was set to Basic and I changed to Basic + Advanced. Not using Elastic. I could not find in the documentation an explanation of what the Search Settings difference between Basic vs Basic + Advanced.

Installed version is 7.11.2


Also, I just tried searching by email in the live demo and it works well. (user: will, pass: will)

I suggest that you upgrade your SuiteCRM to the latest version…

You should also check if your Lucene job is running correctly from cron. See that in Admin / Schedulers, enter the job and check the “last ran successfully” field.

Thanks. Lucene is set to run. I tested again and the global email search found the email.

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