Can't see my custom field in a report


I have finally added a custom field to the Opportunity module, and it appears in the detailed and list views.

Now I would like to use this field in a report based on the Opportunity module, but it does not appear in the Fields list.

Is there something specific for that? or is it a limitation of reports that only non-custom fields can be used?

Thanks in advance for your help!

try to make a quick build and repair and check if the field appears in the report module

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Thanks for the hint, but actually I have looked into the PHP code, and it looks like the fields list filters the non-db fields. And as my field was non-db, it was not displayed.

Do you know why non-db fields are filtered out? I see no reason why they could not be reportable as well.

Since reports cannot embed formulas as far as I know, the only workaround I could find was to use a calculated field. Finally I transformed my calculated non-db field to be persisted in the database, but it is consuming storage for nothing.

Thanks again

is you want to achieve a calculated field you can always create a field in studio (no need to touch code) and assign it to listview, detailview, etc. It will not consume storage, because there will be no data in it. That’s why you can’t make reports with it, because is not stored anywhere.

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