Can't "see" email in 7.10.2

I just upgraded to ver 7.10.2, which has resolved the know issue with email from ver 7.10

However, when clicking on an email link in the list of emails, the email apparently loads, but the screen remains blank. In other words, I don’t see the email after it has apparently loaded to my screen.

Suggested solutions?



I believe other people are getting the same (or similar) behavior, but we haven’t been able to reproduce yet.

Do you have anything in the logs?

See both suitecrm.log and php_errors.log

Probar a configurar el imap solamente con la bandeja de entrada (INBOX), solo importar esa carpeta

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Try configuring IMAP only with Inbox

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Configuring IMAP with just Inbox solved the problem.

Emails now are viewable.

Thank you!

Thanks to the feedback on this thread I think we have a fix ready:

There are also several other Email bugfixes coming in v7.10.3 which should be imminent.

Note that the PR I’m linking is not included in 7.10.3 yet. If anybody can help test it and provide feedback, that would be great.