Can't save record in SuiteCRM 8.2

When saving a record after editing it, I get the dreaded popup “Error occurred while saving record”.

The network response is:
{"errors":[{"message":"Internal server error","extensions":{"category":"internal"},"locations":[{"line":2,"column":3}],"path":["saveRecord"]}],"data":{"saveRecord":null}}

I can’t see anything in the logs that explains more about the error.

Immediately clicking back to the ‘More information’ tab on the record shows the new status, but if the record is opened fresh the old status is back, so the change isn’t making it into the database seemingly.

I’ve tried turning on developer mode to see if there are more detailed errors, but also having issues with that (see Turning on developer mode causes fatal errors - #6 by stephhope )

The particular area where this issue is currently causing problems is in saving a Lead after updating it

I’m now able to save records, but it still shows the ‘Error occurred when saving record’ popup.

Having turned on developer mode, I’m now seeing a cascade of ‘Undefined array key’ errors which are causing the popup error message. First was an ‘Undefined array key “source”’ on line 401 of AOW_Actions/actions/actionSendEmail.php. After altering the line to first check if the key is defined, I now see a ‘Warning: Undefined array key “cc”’ which seems to originate from the following line of the same file:

 337	                if (!$this->sendEmail(array($email_to), $emailTemp->subject, $emailTemp->body_html, $emailTemp->body, $bean, $emails['cc'], $emails['bcc'], $attachments)) {

I can only assume that if I fix this one there’ll be more afterwards. Is there something else I should be doing to get an updated version of these AOW files, or a setting that I should change??

Edit: I wasn’t right about where the undefined index cc is coming from, but after fixing that and then a couple more errors the pop up error is gone at least on this page

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