Can't save cases

HI ! I’m new on SuiteCRM and testing this app form my company.

I can create a case and save it without any problem. But impossible to update the case. When I write a text and save, the update is lost.

I saw other cases like that but nothing helped, and it’s not an update but a fresh install.

  • SuiteCRM 7.10.7 fresh install
  • No metadata in custom/modules/Cases/
  • No error in suitecrm.log

Can someone help or tell if this issue is a right problem or install problem ?

Thanks a lot

I had a similar issue.

I was able to resolve it by changing the email client settings in the user profile to external email client rather than suitecrm email client.

Hope this helps

I created two accounts : The default admin and a user.

I made what you say, both of them are now configured to use and external email client.

But doesn’t work for me …

I Tried to desactivate AOP but no change … Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Have someone any other ideas ?