Cant login Suite CRM after install

WAMP 3.2.0 64 bit
SuiteCRM 7.11.10
MySQL 5.7.28

After installation process I can not login with the application admin that I created during the installation process. I made sure that the WAMP’s Adminer works. I can query tables in the DB “suitecrm”

I have checked this: and replaced modules/Users/User.php file with the one that I took from Github

No success.

I have manually changed the user_hash in the users table. No success.

what else can be done?

Solved so far ))

I replaced the plain text password in the database with it’s md5 hash and it works.

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Hi @Inter80801,

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Glad you found what you where needing to do :+1:

@Mac-Rae, thank you. Glad to be a part of the Community.