Can't login anymore after a few hours

Installation went as it should.
I can log in / out as many times I want.
But after e few hours it over.
Not one username can login.
Sometimes I got the error: session is over.
But there was no session at all.

What can I do to repair thies?

PHP/Apache on your server has a default session timeout. If you are logged into any/most PHP applications, a session is created which has a particular timeout.

You should look at increasing the session timeout in your php.ini file on your server.



Thanks for your quick response

I’ve added: “session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440” to the php.ini and … it worked … but only for a short time.

I’ve got still the same problem. I can’t log in

I type the username and password and nothing happens. Not even a error

That is only 24 minutes session timeout. How long do you want the session to exist for?

I don’t think that’s the issue.

If I log out or the software closes a session (the session has expired) I should be able to login again.

that happened to me once when I ran out of space in the server where SuiteCRM is located, check that.

best regards

I had the same problem of running out of space that mikebeck described above.

But since this is a freshly installed system, it is unlikely that you ran out of space, so you might also look out for file permissions issues on your server - php needs to be able to write to its session.save_path.


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Good news: problem solved.
The link given by PGR set me on the right track.

Adaptions to the php.ini file wasn’t a success. Probably I didn’t know the correct path and was trying on error

Finally I made a writable tmp directory .
I added this path to the config.php of SuiteCRM. (‘session_dir’ => ‘tmp/’,)

It seems fine now.

Thank you, Manuel

Hello friend,

Could you explain in more detail how you solve this problem?

I have the same problem and want to solve it.

Thanks in advance.

@DanielMons: What part don’t you understand?

First: make a writetable directory in the rooth for instance: tmp
(Chmod 777)
Adjust config.php using this directory: ‘session_dir’ => 'tmp/