Can't locate Workflow module in suiteCRM 7.11.3


the Workflow module is not appearing in the menu in mu SuiteCRM 7.11.3 installation.

I can see some references to the module in some administration pannel options, but it simply does not display in the menus in orther to choose it and access it.

Any advice?

It is only shown to Admin users.

It is on the β€œAll” menu, on the top bar.

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Even though I login with the administrator user I still get no access to the Workflow module. It is simply not listed under the β€œall” menu option.

I am runing out of ideas.

Check if you (or somebody) disabled it from

Admin / Display modules and subpanels


Admin / Configure Module Menu Filters

or maybe even with security settings (Roles).


Enabling it in the Admin / Display modules and subpanels section solved the issue.