Can't Install 7.5

So I have setup SuiteCRM multiple times i must have over 15 instances currently running for different customers, on different servers with different hosts, so installations have been similar but different, now for some reason i cannot get it to install, running on linux php5 mysql i have attached a screenshot of where i get to in the install, it creates the config.php and inserts the information, but when it gets to the DB it doesn’t create the tables. i have double and triple checked users, permissions and php settings and all is in order. what can you suggest?

i know in the image you can see me downloading the upgrade path, no i didn’t try and install them :smiley:

I’ve had very mixed results doing installs that way so now I swear by using softaculous app installer for one simple reason: It Works.


Can someone lock/close/delete this thread this has been solved with version 7.5.1