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Can't insert image on email template

Good afternoon,

I’m using the email template editor and i’m having a big problem inserting images.

I used the block “image+text” and i click on the sample, try to insert images and nothing happens. I use an URL for the insertion (below). I even tried in every part of the email body and the reation, or the inexistence of reation, is the same.

Can you help me?

URL’s images (examples):


Hi @Fermip,
I have tried the email template in suitecrm and the image inserted successfully on the email template.

After inserted the Image look at the template like this:-

You can adjust the size and motion according to you.

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Check out this link:

The same thing happening to me since months ago. It is almost a nightmare. After trying hundreds of times suddenly it works, without doing any different… Any help would be appreciated.