Can't get SMTP to work

Dear Suite CRM Forum,

I am trying to install a Suite CRM instance on my web hosting package, which is managed by a company called Host4Geeks (

I succeeded in installing both Vtiger and Suite through Softacuious but neither will accept my SMTP server.

The credentials are definitely correct and I have successfully installed a SuiteCRM on my localhost so to me it seems as if it must be a server-side issue.

When I try to add the SMTP, I receive the PHP mailer issue:

“An email error occurred:SMTP connect() failed.

My host is unable to help. Is there something I could try on my own. It’s no VPS or dedicated hosting so I don’t have SSH/root access.

If you try sending from the email account set up screen, and it fails the “test email”, it should provide a link to see a “full SMTP log”. Can you get that?