Can't get authentication token


I’m new with SuiteCRM solution.

I’m trying to perform API requests but I’m facing some issues to get the authentication token.

What I did :

  • Create a new Credential Client (Name : test, password : 123456, isConfidential : checked). I don’t understand why I should leave a blank password, so I add one.

In postman :

  • Token Name : suiteCRM
  • Grant Type : Client Credentials
  • Access Token URL : https://<MY_URL>/Api/access_token
  • Client ID : test (or 5025bc9f-eb61-892b-ee1f-5c7d2d0092da)
  • Client secret : 123456

When I click on the Request Token button I get this error :

[color=#ff0000]Error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND 8080 8080:80[/color]

The documentation is not helping, so I’m coming here to ask for your help ! :slight_smile:

PS : I followed the insctructions from


I found my problem. It was due to proxy environment variable. I just removed it. But now I have a 404 not found problem in the authenticate process.

I’m going to create a new post.

Hi, I am also doing same as you did but I want to know which https://<MY_URL> Url I have write can you help me. pls reply soon

Hi sj209004,
welcome on board :slight_smile:
the url to get the access token is https://your.domain.tld/Api/access_token (alternatively, instead of your.domain.tld the proper ip should work too).

Edit: btw, there are postman examples available in Api/docs/postman, they are very useful to get a grasp.

kind regards,

with ip address also it’s not working do you have your code which is working perfectly .If you have can you share it with me

I’ve already pasted a working code example in the other thread, I just removed Url/User/Password.

can you send to me once the working code bro it takes just few second to do copy and paste

no i checked with that also