Can't find the "Execution Occurs" option when creating a workflow

Hello All,
I am new to SuiteCRM , and i am trying to find my way through it.

I created a module named “Ticket Support” and I am trying to do a certain action (send email) when a certain condition occurs . (for example, the status field of the ticket stays “Pending” for 30 min) using the Work flow option.

When i search about it , i found that there is an option named “Execution Occurs” -found it at one of sugarcrm tutorials videos- which enable to workflow to run after a selected duration (after 30min for example)

I can’t find this option at suitecrm . Anybody knows how to enable this feature ?

Thank You,

Could this be an option within SugarCRM Pro ?

within the workflow module you should be able to do this within the workflow module within SuiteCRM, The workflow module is different to what SugarCRM would have in the professional edtion.

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Thank you for your reply.

It may be on sugarCRM pro. I am not sure.

On another note, I found what i want at this article (at this link) , But it didn’t work as well.

My Workflow conditions is
1- Date modified greater than (Now - 3 Minutes)
2- Status is pending.

My action is ( send email to my email address).
the Repeated Run is NOT checked as requested .

The workflow never waits for three mins,it sends the email as soon as i add a new record on the selected module.

I also tried a new condition (Now-1 days )

it didn’t work as well, keep sending the reminder email as soon as the record is added.

Did i miss anything ?

Thank You