Can't export 17k rows in a few seconds, but can do it in export in listview in 30 seconds

Hello everyone!
Facing really annoying problem now. I need to export not a very big amount of rows in Report Module.
The report doesn’t contains joins or smth like that. My php.ini settings set like that:

in config.php $sugar_config[‘slow_query_time_msec’] = ‘10000’;

If I’m exporting from listview of selected module records export in like 6 seconds.
Any help will be appreciated.

You can check if those php.ini settings are effective in your system by going to Admin / Diagnostics / phpinfo. Sometimes people change the wrong php.ini (there are several), and sometimes people neglect to restart web server, and sometimes shared hostings have restrictions that block your settings.

If your problem is those settings, you should have a FATAL error in php_errors.log. No need to proceed blindly when you can just open your eyes to the log and see what the problem is (hopefully).

Another thing you might consider is that some specific row in your data can be causing errors. You can try different partial datasets to see if the problem is in the data.