Can't even run the installation

Hi guys, i hope you are all doing good.

I’m trying to install the last version of suitecrm on my web server and i can’t manage to do it right. I did download the last version, i extracted the folder and i did upload it on the root of my website server as “SuiteCRM”.

Now, no matter how much i try to go for htpp://myserver/SuiteCRM/install.php, nobody comes up. In fact, it just show me my website error page, saying “this page you are looking for doesn’t exist”.

What did i do wrong plz ?

hard to guess, but did you update the ownerships and permissions of the uploaded files? I would also recommend reading this article:

Hi, thanks for your reply, i did read this document multiples times.
I’m not really sure of how i am supposed to update ownerships and permission.

I mean i used filezilla to upload the files and the owner permission are set to read/write/execute so i guess it’s good ? Maybe i’m not considered owner when try to get to the adress ?

Other than that i don’t know since the install doesn’t even start…