Can't delete or modify recurrences of appointments already scheduled in the past

I have a problem with the recurrences of appointments already scheduled in the past.
It does not make me modify or delete them. the browser returns the error “error during the craicamente”
if I create a new one, it works regularly.
The version is Version 7.10.4
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Version 344)

As a first step, you may wish to upgrade to the latest version of suiteCRM 7.10.27. There are a number of bug fixes, enhancements and also some security patches which may be of benefit to you.

With respect to deleting them (if this is a one off), then they are probably associated with a vcal entry. You can see the vcals on your system by looking at your database and running something like:

select * from vcals LIMIT 1;

The problem here is that recurrent appointments are associated with one of these, and having the sophistication to move an appointment associated with a repeated event is actually quite difficult. Imagine that you move one appointment…what should happen is that:

  1. The repeated appointment should be changed to finish at the previous appointment.
  2. A new repeated appointment should be created to start at the next repeated appointment.
  3. A one off appointment should be created at the new time.

Now imagine trying to move the appointment back to it’s original time. Virtually impossible for the code to work out what to do.

Now imagine that the recurrent vcal has been removed, but the previous appointments relating to this remain. You try to remove/alter one of these appointments, and it tries to reference the repeated even (now deleted), and therefore fails.

This complexity for something that people consider trivial (calendaring), is one of the reasons why I try and interface/use an external calendaring source rather than the inbuilt one within SuiteCRM as my primary calendar…but obviously that has to work with your workflow.

My suggestion would be that once you’ve updated your suiteCRM instance, you should try to ignore previous appointments. Then delete the repeating iCal event and create a new one?

You may find that altering the Admin->System Settings and reducing the vCAL Updates Time Period to 0 before trying to edit the offending instances may help.

I know that this is plausibly a bug in the code, but from personal experience coding a calendar app requires a lot of thought and there are is a huge amount of expected behaviour that takes a lot of effort to emulate. Unfortunately, it’s almost always simpler to use an external calendar.