Can't delete nor publish pre-set import settings

I can create those pre-set import settings, and they work every time, but I can’t delete or publish them. When i hit “delete” they seems gone, but they came back after i refresh the page.

Can you please try recreating that problem in the online demo?

If the problem also happens there, it looks like a bug, if you could please express it as a list of precise “steps to reproduce”, that would be great. This insures that we’re all looking at the same thing, instead of trying similar option in different modules, etc.

Yes. This happened on online demo too.

Go to OPPORTUNITIES module and import some records by csv files, then save this procedure as a pre-set. Then go back to the import page, I can find the pre-set that i created last time, and i hit the delete button, it’s gone, but after i refresh or finish importing a new csv file, it came back again.

All changes that i made was reset after i logout the online demo, so you may not find those pre-sets that i created. But it’s the same as my own installation here.


Then I suggest you open an Issue in Github:

Thanks for reporting that bug.